Bridges, Dentures, Implants & Smile Makeovers.


Replace missing, extracted and badly broken down teeth with our range of options. A comprehensive examination and treatment plan will be conducted at the initial appointment and your dentist will discuss the most appropriate treatment for your teeth.


Bridges– a bridge is used when there is gap in the arch and uses the teeth either side of the gap to anchor the false tooth in position. The teeth either side of the gap, the abutment teeth, must be strong enough and have good bone support before bridges can be considered. If there has been a lot of bone loss or there is active periodontal disease a bridge may not be the best option for replacing teeth. The abutment teeth will need to be prepared as crowns and the artificial tooth/teeth will then bridge the gap between the prepared teeth on either side.



See Wikipedia: Bridges

Dentures – are used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple spaces or a full arch. They are the most cost effective way of replacing missing teeth, compared to Bridges and Implants.


Implants-Implants are false teeth that are screwed into the bone, they are therefore fixed and offer the most stable and retentive way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is made up essentially of two parts, the screw which acts as the root and the false tooth, know as the crown, which is attached onto the post, this is that part that is seen in the mouth when you smile.



See Wikipedia: Implants


Smile Makeovers-Do you want to give a great first impression? When you meet someone for the first time a fantastic smile, coupled with the confidence that it gives, will definitely make a lasting first impression. Get a fantastic smile with our range of Cosmetic Treatments including Fastbraces ®, Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Fillings including Veneers.

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