AIR FLOW ® Stain Removal

Dental hygiene services offered by our friendly and qualified hygienist.

We offer a range of services including routine Scale and Polishes, Fresh Breath Treatments to Advanced Periodontal Treatment for gum disease.

Try out our Cosmetic Air Polish which removes surface staining such as red wine, tea and coffee. The AIR-FLOW ® METHOD involves projecting a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles onto the tooth surface, it will remove debris, from the tooth surface as well as between the teeth quickly and painlessly.




The advantages of AIR-FLOW ® are

  • removes dental plaque and helps prevent periodontal disease
  • removes surface stains from teeth
  • helps maintain implants sound
  • cleans prior to bonding orthodontic brackets

If your interested,why not view a video of the process below?